Honda vehicles are among the most popular on the market, both new and used. Honda vehicles are known for style, reliability, high resale value and low cost of ownership.

These are all characteristics that create value for your Honda, whether you want to keep it well beyond 200,000 miles or sell it as a high-valued used vehicle. There are simple things you can do to add to the life and value of your Honda car, truck or SUV. First, start with getting to know the professionals at Honda of Mansfield. The certified service specialists can help with all of your maintenance and repair needs. The factory-approved parts available at the dealership also help ensure that your vehicle receives quality parts designed to serve your Honda for the long run. 

It is important to take your Honda to service professionals who are trained to care for these vehicles. The service experts at Honda of Mansfield also receive the most up-to-date training to care for your vehicle. They can make sure that your Honda receives the regular service and maintenance recommended by the manufacturer. This will help prevent breakdowns and reduce your overall car expenses, while also extending the life of your Honda. 

Once you purchase your new vehicle at Honda of Mansfield, make sure to become acquainted with the manufacturer's recommended schedule of maintenance. This information can be found in the Honda owner's manual you received with your new car, truck or SUV. Your new Honda will also alert you to upcoming service and maintenance recommendations, which are programmed inside your on-board computer system installed in your vehicle. Make sure you pay attention to the alerts and indicators on your dash that serve as reminders for scheduled maintenance. 


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Follow the maintenance schedule for your new Honda car, truck or SUV

Your new Honda is built tough to last for years to come. One of the ways you can ensure that your vehicles continues to run as smoothly as the first day that you bought it is to follow the maintenance schedule for your new Honda.

There are some basic maintenance tasks and some more extensive service requirements to stay on top of when it comes to caring for your Honda. For example, your new Honda needs the oil and filter changed every 5,000 miles. This is also a good time to check all of the fluids in the vehicle and top them off. Your Honda service professional will inspect your front and rear brakes when performing this service, as well as your vehicle's suspension and exhaust system. Finally, your service technician will also inspect all of your hoses and connections to ensure they are all in good shape.

5,000 miles 

Every 5,000 miles you should have your oil and filter changed, fluid levels checked and topped off, and tires rotated. While your car is on the lift, you should also have your front and rear brakes inspected, the suspension and exhaust system inspected, and all hoses and connections inspected as well. With each oil change you can monitor these vital components of your vehicle and catch any early wear and tear signs before they become problematic.

10,000 miles

It is a good idea to rotate your tires every 10,000 miles. Some Honda owners prefer to rotate the tires sooner, such as every 5,000 miles. But if you choose not to rotate them that frequently, do so at least every 10,000 miles. This will ensure that your tire tread wears more evenly and your tires will last longer.

30,000 miles

Your Honda car, truck or SUV needs a bit more service work at 30,000 miles. This is when you should have your engine's spark plugs replaced. Do not wait for your spark plugs to become dirty and old. This can cause problems with your Honda's performance and can eventually lead to more costly repairs. Make sure you schedule this service with your experts at Honda of Mansfield. They will also replace your air cleaner element found inside the vehicle cabin and they will inspect and replace as needed your drive belts. As your vehicle gets older, this service becomes more critical.

45,000 miles

Your Honda vehicle requires new engine coolant and brake fluid every 45,000 miles. Your service professionals at Honda of Mansfield will flush out the old fluids and replace both the engine coolant and the brake fluid. This helps remove any dirt or crud that can accumulate in the radiator and the brake lines after the fluid has remained in the vehicle for that period of time.

100,000 miles

Another major maintenance task for Honda vehicles is replacing the water pump. This service is recommended every 100,000 miles. You can schedule this maintenance at the Honda of Mansfield service center to ensure the best care for your vehicle. Your service technician will also inspect your vehicle's idle speed during this maintenance visit. 

Check with the experts at Honda of Mansfield for any other major service or maintenance items you should be considering. They can help you keep your Honda running well to continue serving your or its next owner.